I’m incredibly proud to announce Dearing Media was the Marketing Agency behind Cassandra Blackmore’s successful run for a seat on the Fredericton City Council in 2021.

This was the first official project of my new business. Cassandra approached me in the fall of 2020 to ask me to join her campaign team. I had never taken on a task like this before. At the time I was running a Video Production company.

Thankfully, I love a good challenge & stepped up to the plate. It was this experience that inspired me to start Dearing Media & to continue growing my marketing knowledge.

In this interview, I chat with fellow “Dream Team” member Sara Taher of SEO Up Close, about how I crafted an impactful marketing campaign, how we utilized multiple social media platforms & how we brought together an incredible group of volunteers to pull it off!

This is my first interview! Thank you Sara for having me as a guest on your podcast.

Watch The Full Interview Below!

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