It has been proven time and time again that short form videos are great for marketing your business, but it can feel daunting creating multiple pieces of content for different platforms.

What if I told you you could create one piece of content & cross post it across Reels, TikTok, Story Pins, YouTube Shorts & more!?

Here are a few tips for how to cross post a short form video without a watermark:

1. Screen Record Your Video

If you want to avoid having the watermark of the platform on which your video was originally uploaded appear in your final product, one way to do so is by screen recording your video before posting.

I usually utilize this trick when I make a video in TikTok. Before hitting publish, I’ll preview the video & screen record the full thing. Then I can open it in another app like Instagram & upload it to reels without worrying about the TikTok watermark being picked up by the Reels algorithm.

Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry! I walk you through it in this weeks YouTube Video! Watch it now!

2. Edit Your Video With Editing Software

Editing your videos with editing software can not only help make them look more professional and polished, but also allows you to create one clean version of your video that you can easily upload to every platform you desire.

My favourite tool for this lately is Adobe Rush. It comes in the basic creative plan that Photoshop & Lightroom are in. It’s not the full version of Adobe Premier Pro, however it’s been powerful enough to edit all my short form videos lately.

If you’re looking to edit directly on your phone, Adobe Rush is available to you there as well, however I would also recommend InShot or Videoleap.

3. Utilize Tools Like SnapTik & SnapInsta

Utilizing tools like SnapTik and SnapInsta can help you cross post your videos without a watermark. These tools allow you to quickly and easily download videos off of these platforms without a watermark!

It can be difficult to create high-quality videos without a watermark being present on them. However, by screen recording your video before posting it, editing it with editing software, and utilizing tools like SnapTik & SnapInsta, you can easily cross post your video without a watermark.

Happy Video Creating!

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