Think of your Instagram Bio as your virtual elevator pitch. Short, sweet & to the point. In this blog post I break down seven tips to help you get the most our of that first impression!

Tip #1: A Searchable Name

Aside from your Username, your Profile Name is one of the only searchable aspects of your bio.

It may be tempting to just throw in your name or business, however I challenge you to use key words to help drive new traffic.

Tip #2: Add Your Pronouns

Instagram now allows us to add our chosen Pronouns to our profiles without taking up any bio space!

If you’re comfortable sharing, consider setting your Pronouns on your profile.

Tip #3: Establish Your Category

Your category helps tell Instagram & your potential followers, what type of content, or niche you’re in.

You only have a few seconds to engage a potential new follower when they land on your page. It’s important to be clear.

Tip #4: Mission Statement

Though not mandatory, the first line of your written Bio is your first chance to hook a potenial new follower & let them know rightaway if you can provide value to them.

Phrases like “I Help…” “I Solve…” Are Great Ways To Start!

Tip #5: Contact Information

Certain features, like the email button, are not accessible on the desktop version of IG.

For that reason I recommend having your email written directly in your bio for easy access for brands/businesses who may want to work or connect with you.

Tip #6: Call To Action

The final line of your bio should be your Call To Action. This is your chance to tell the viewer what action you would like them to take next.

Ex – “Grab My Freebie Below” “Sign Up For My Free Masterclass” “Book Your Appointment” “Join Our Free Online Community”

Tip #7: Link In Bio

Now that you’ve told the reader what you want to do next, you need to make sure you have it set up for them to easily do so.

You can put a direct link, or use an app like Linkin.Bio, Milkshake or – ย that allows you to create a landing page of links.

Will You Try Any Of These Tips To Optimize Your Instagram Bio? Leave Me A Comment Below!

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