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Paul Doiron Saint John Realtor ®

Industry - Real Estate Agent

How We Helped

Dearing Media Was Approached By Paul Doiron Realty SJ To Help Build And Manage His Social Media Presence For The Full Year Of 2022. They Wanted To Differentiate Themselves From Their Competitors In The Saint John Real Estate Market, So Dearing Media Set Out To Create A Strong Brand Presence And Position Paul As An Expert In This Market.

To Accomplish These Goals, Dearing Media Created High-Quality Content That Showed Off Paul‘s Personality While Demonstrating His Knowledge Of Real Estate. This Included Posts Outlining The Benefits Of Living In Saint John And Its Surrounding Areas, Video Tours Showcasing The City’s Booming Local Businesses, Helpful Tips For Home Buyers And Sellers, Interviews With Local Experts, And Much More!

This Content Was Then Shared Across Popular Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn And TikTok. As A Result Of These Efforts, Paul Doiron Realty SJ Saw An Increase In Website Visits, Enquiries About Their Services, Followers On Social Media Platforms And Customer Reviews.

Not Only Did Dearing Media Help To Build Paul Doiron Realty SJ‘s Brand Presence Through Digital Marketing Solutions — They Also Helped Them Gain Trust From Potential Clients. By Creating Unique Content Tailored To The Saint John Area That Showcased Their Expertise And Reflected Their Values As An Established Realtor. Dearing Media Helped Paul Doiron Realty SJ Stand Out From The Competition.

Services Provided

Social Media Marketing

Created A Strategy For The Client & Made Adjustments To Their Content Calendar Each Month To Encourage Online Growth.

Content Creation

Dearing Media Travelled To The Saint John Area Once A Month To Create 30 Days Worth Of Content With The Client.

Brand Awareness

Created A New Logo, Colour Scheme & Other Marketing Elements To Help The Client Have A Recognizable Brand Across All Platforms.


Social Media Posts
Short Form Videos
Local Tours

Examples Of Our Work

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